Laser Technology

State-of-the-art technology provides our customers with the maximum fabrication latitude for the future. Our ability to be flexible to changing fabrication demands becomes your advantage.

Presently RuMar employs laser systems, featuring a Trumpf® Flexible Manufacturing System. Our fully integrated CNC rotary axis chuck permits the cutting of round, square and rectangular shaped tubes.

RuMar Mfg Corp — Crafting the Future with State-of-the-Art Laser Technology

Equipment Capabilities

• (1) 8,000 watt fiber laser, 60″ x 120″, (1) 5,000 watt fiber laser, 60″ x 120″,
    1″ mild steel, .375″ copper, .375″ brass, 1″ stainless steel, 3/4″ aluminum with FMS Tower System.

• (1) BLM Fiber Tube Laser, 6″ diameter tube,
   .312″ mild steel, .200″ stainless steel, .200″ brass, .200″ copper, .250″ aluminum.

• (1) 3,500 watt laser, 80″ x 160″, 3/4″ mild steel, with CNC integrated rotary chuck
   to handle up to 12″ diameter round tubing.

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